About StartBBS
The history of StartBBS is quite simple, we setup forum with Discuz / phpWind previously, however i discovery the relationship between size and logical is insanely complex, you can saw tens of relationship table just only in single database! is wasteful if just only use to setup smallest website. and also complicated to backup. thats why I writing my own lightweight community system StartBBS.

Let conversation make simple, simple is best, have no poor, rich, premier or humble here, even employer and employee. just have open source and freedom to share.

烧饼(Burning Pie) - the founder and developer of StartBBS, currently breadwinner of my family with export business, and just develop StartBBS when have a free time. have limited in time however was invest alot effort and money to them.

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If you love this stuff or wish to contribute, join us. donation, code submission or any idea is away welcome.

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Email: startbbs(at)
QQ group: 222543056